Thursday, 29 September 2016

The day that Lee drove

I didn't think I'd be blogging today after the night I'd had last night. When you"re disabled and you're bad you know it. Last night I was throwing up for England and not feeling well ar all.

It reminds me of when I last went in the car to Leamington.. Lee, who was driving that day, is a crap driver at the best of times. When he's driving he's not a bit like Lewis Hamilton though he thinks he is. We arrived at Leamington the worse for wear. I vowed I'd never with him again. He wondere why I was so bad

I'd never felt so bad in my life.

  • Well, I was bad this morning and this afternoon too. I hadn't had anything to make me sick, but there I was, usually it's just the pain I feel that pain that wakes me. and that's enough. I hope I sleep tonight,

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

There are two days left in September

There are two

This is me in a picture of me, taken 10 years ago. These days I have a beard (a grey one) and am disabled. I am in pain for most of the day and can't talk very well. I can't walk at all and am envious of those who can. I had a strok about 3.5 years ago and haven't been the same since. I have spent 9 months in a hospital an hours drive from here. I have problems eating and drinking. Most of the is the day is the same as the last one. And that men's I do nothing. Only one limb works And that's badly deformed. I got married nearly two years ago to somebody who has been in my life for twenty six years. She has given up everything for me. We have a son who is twenty four years old.


Topaz Adjust

I'm using an electric wheelchair which makes things easier than they were. Mandy doesn't have to push me anymore.

Charlie has been down to do my hair. Oh if you're a photographer who wants to make your pictures look like this;

Than like this;

Maybe you should get topaz adjust.

Leaving Leamington behind me.

I really don't know what to believe any more that I'd even stopped trying. I've hallucinated on so many occasions that I don't know the truth from the fiction. It was a very unforgiving time I had. I believed that Heather (a nurse) was a movie star and felt too embarrassed to speak with her for three weeks.. One morning I woke up in what I thought was Leicester and tried to get to Hinckley by taxi. And then there was the timI woke up thinking I was in my mum's flat, but I was really in Leamington. Strange kinds of things were happening to me. I swear the Meds were having some kind of effect.

This coming February will see four years of disability. To fill the time in I'd do work in the garden. I'd go to music club and watch videos with other residents. I realise how much my dad had to travel to get there each week. I used to go to sleep watching the window and wake up the next morning before 8am. It was so mundane.

The boredom really got to me. I'd spend all weekend learning how to ride a manual wheelchair. I fell out of my wheelchair once and laughed while the nurses looked on, horrified. Each Saturday I saw Mandy thanks to her mate,Nic. I need to thank Nic and tell her how grateful I am.

All through the summer months and winter too I stayed there. Until we got to March 2014. I was going to Hinckley. I felt good that I was on the move at last, after spending so many months at Leamington. Finally, i was going to be moved. The sense of relief was overwhelming. In Hinckley we had our own room instead of having to share with three other guys.



Tuesday, 27 September 2016


When you're like me you tend to be pigeonholed all the time. Especially about what you can (and more importantly) what you can't eat. You're forever being messed about by so-called 'experts'. You follow a pattern of the person that's gone before. A pattern that has no meaning to you.

Like all your toast has to have the crusts cut off. It has to be buttered.

The cheese you eat has to be grated.

And your ham has to be minced.
What a load of crap!

I have cheese and ham sandwiches which have been sliced and my bread always has the crusts on. I'm still here, alive and kicking, and don't care to be labelled. Thank you, very much. In this world we're surrounded by 'experts' who have never give us the true support we really need and when we need it.




Is 'Mumbling Jack' for real?

Hurricane Higgins and Shakin Stevens both had nicknames that described what they did best and most of what you remember them for. Jack's nickname should probably be Mumbling Jack. There are times when you think what did he just say? It's almost impossible to work out what he said. The nickname of 'Jack Shit' has its limitations. Sure, he hasn't a clue what he's talking about, but 'Mumbling Jack' describes what he does best. Obviously his general knowledge has to get better for other people to know what the hell he's talking about. To argue something just because the internet says you should, implies that the internet never gets it wrong. Which it does.







Monday, 26 September 2016

A print I did

Steve, my brother, with his arm around his daughter Charlie who is also pictured taking the photograph (below). His son Kirtis is on the left. Steve's children from his first marriage are pictured below. They're Ross, Stacey and Kelsey.