Thursday, 25 August 2016


For anyone reading this blog, you really ought to know how bad my condition is. I have two people who get me into bed each night and out of it the next morning. I have swallowing difficulties which means that I can only have the food they give me and my drinks have to be thickened to prevent fluid entering my lungs. I spent nine months at Leamington Spa hospital before coming here to Hinckley and my wife has supported me every step of the way. I gave up my drinking (alcohol) three and a half years ago. I've had a lot of injections along the way and it's been a tough old journey getting here. My family has been brilliant in helping me to overcome this illness, something there is no cure from.

I decided to write this blog after returning here to Hinckley, but I miss everyone I knew at Leamington. Especially Noncee and Nikki who I formed great friendship with. I should also mention Chris and Anne. Ian Farmer came to visit me, as did Lynette Leman. Just having you there gave me a lot of strength to carry on. I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone, but the pain I've been through and still have makes me make the most of the time I still have left. If my writing is a bit suspect I blame it on the Neurological condition that plagues me.

What I like about other blogs

Is that they'written in English.

Is that th're updated regularly. (If somebody hasn't done it for a while they obviously don't care about it.)

That there are plenty of pictures in it.

That it's easy to read and doesn't go on too long (nothing grabs my attention span like a concise blog)

That it looks good (some sites try their hardest to be good and fail)

That's it really. And they have to be readable too.

Mandy's new haircut

Well, she looks chuffed to have a new hairstyle and why shouldn't she?

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I Get the feeling that if it's gonna

Rain, tonight is the night. I could be wrong, but today was hot and now it's windy. We're in for a right downpour I think. It's getting darker all the time and, after checking the BBC's Weather Forecaster it'll be here at 1 o'clock this morning.

The back garden (above) looks likely to be watered tonight.

Mandy should be visiting tomorrow. I'll try to get out: I haven't been out all week. I've been stuck inside here and it.'s beginning to drive me a bit stir crazy. Hopefully I'll get some photographs to cheer me up as they say..

I hate going to bed these days because I know I'll wake up in pain. It's never gone away and, if anything, it's gotten worse. Keeping me alive is something they do to prolong the pain: although they don't see it that way.

They think they're doing the honourable thing. But they not. You never recover from a stroke like mine. I can't walk. I can barely talk. I live in a care home and that's where I'll stay until the day I die.

Grizzly has a rant

I can't really photograph much more than myself. I use one hand to do it. So much for all the canon gear I used to use. It was good. Very good. But this iPad is all that my disability will allow I'm afraid. It's pretty good for an ordinary shot, but if there's any movement in the picture the canon wins hands down. Anyway, the Grizzly Adams look suits me I think. It was a nice sunny day so I thought I'd pay the back garden a visit . I'll is the site displayed on the van earlier. I'll be glad to see the back of the builders. They're nothing but a pain in the backside.

The builders who don't stop for lunch. room is being made smaller and they've got the builders in. Never mind the residents.trying to have a peaceful lunch. Just make as.much noise as you fucking want. We're disabled so we don't count.

What a joke! I notice when they want to have a break they do. But there again they're not disabled are they? When I mention it to Jack all he says is the builders have a job to do. So fucking what? Why can't they let us eat in peace. They do. But, once again, it's a case that we don't count. Do we ever count?

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Jon and Amy

Jonny came up with Amy, his new girlfriend. It's been ages. So long that I thought he was batting for the other side. I hate it when keeps giving me sexual innuendos and, despite telling his mum, he still does it. I wish he wouldn't.